About Us

K2 Communications Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading PR agencies operating out of Bengaluru, the IT capital of the country. Wipro Limited leads our client brigade. K2 has been very successful in the retention of clients with some of them onboard for almost a decade. Wipro Ltd, Azim Premji University, BASE Education, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting ( FMCG) are just some of the clients who have been in long-term partnership with K2. And in the run for such a partnership are clients like House of Hiranandani, Columbia Asia, AO Smith and Trio World Academy.

We are every bit an Indian agency but with a global outlook. We understand the pulse of the local and national media and consumers. Our Network offices span across Pan India. We have support teams in 45 Tier-II, III cities.

K2 Communications has the distinction of retaining both clients and employees for more than a decade. It values clients and employees in the same breath and goes out of its way to ensure both are happy and satisfied. To be sure, employees at K2 are not just employees, but seasoned specialists with versatile knowledge and skills. They have grown along with K2 to reach enviable heights. Housing a team of seasoned specialists, K2 is a hub of innovative ideas. Communication dexterity, conceptual content creation and novel event ideas form the crux of K2’s client servicing values.

K2 is the doorstep to the realization of a vision. The elemental stronghold of the organization is its diverse knowledge hub and urge for excellence has been the centrepiece of K2’s PR practices. Tracking the Information flow and its propagation in ideal mediums of communication is integral to propelling the growth trajectory of all business models. K2 has acquired the expertise to tap and hone the innate closets of excellence within every organization.

Public Relations is both an art and science. It is the art of expression and the science of understanding. K2 has well-rounded expertise in the knack of creatively positioning brand values. At the same time, the organization has developed a keen understanding of market trends. In a booming industry that welcomes dynamic entrants each day, K2 has carved a niche for itself as an industry veteran.

In its decade-and-a half run, K2 has scaled many momentous milestones. It has proved its mettle as “second to none” by building a diverse client portfolio. Clients have always admired K2’s ability to surpass the deliverables, simplicity, and genuine advises to extract the most out of every PR initiative.

In its 15-year stint, K2 has received a high ratio of client satisfaction, establishing and refurbishing brand identities. The organization prides itself on its tactful approach that has earned it appreciation and recognition of some of the most reputed industry players. In the Public Relations domain where viewpoints define the scope of work, the appreciation of clients is a much priced souvenir of K2.

Reliance Communications GSM launch in 45 cities in India with 1 Lakh imprints. Earned laurels and recognition from the Chairman & CMO, Aztec Software to Aztec soft- increasing head count & creating a fun atmosphere at work and attracting HR skillsets to join the company, Key messages and storylines that attracted trade bodies and reputed institutes like IISC to recognise a start up company in Information Technology ( IT) in energy & utility vertical, A IVF hospital gained recognition by OP-ed articles and media advocacy paid way for influencing Government surrogacy bill in healthcare, A PR campaign that led to creating an Employer brand for Sasken Communications, Launching Acer in India- a PR strategy played a pivotal role during their association with another major brand, Wipro. An IT event handling with sensitive players and meeting bureaucracy objectives on bringing glory back to Bangalore… now Bengaluru. Influencer campaign with thought leadership articles to International magazines for opinionated personalities, handling a CEO being unseated, Co branding to create a international tournament for Auto Major. Overcoming challenges of conflicting companies & placement of stories. Counselling & creating modules for issue based crises in salvaging situations and wet blanketing on articles. Sharing intangibles for tangible results and attaining an award and Limca book of records. Identifying story opportunities and columns, opinion articles working for a NGO.

K2 is a multifaceted organization and a leading PR agency catering to MNCs, mid-cap firms and even start-ups. Exploring the unconventional has been the motto at K2. Here it’s not just about being different but standing out.

K2 is a motif derived from the awe-inspiring peak of Karakorum Range, in the Himalayas. The world’s second highest peak and its treacherous terrain has earned it much acclaim world over. This perfectly reiterates K2’s endurance and perseverance to deliver nothing but the best.