Get paid right for your services

As an agency you deserve to be getting paid right- clients are you listening?

With an increase in competition in the market, the value for marketing, communications, sales have gone high. For any company’s success, it is very important to build its image in the market in a positive manner. This can be done in many ways but the most vital way is through building good public relations. And for PR agencies the relationship with clients matters most. Even though there are very few knowing the value of PR, Public relations has always been the most impactful strategy which is followed by many well-established companies.

When it comes to Public relations is not only about building relations, but also it is about maintaining a reputation for the company. It is very easy to read, but getting the job done in the field of media where everything works on contacts, can be challenging at times.

It is said that with hard work and dedication over a time everybody gets paid right. But this theory goes upside down when it comes to Public relations agencies. After a lot of hard work, these agencies come back to square one, bargaining to and forth for a decent hike. Why is this so? The trend for such needs to be altered, and this can be done by opting in a new methodology for getting paid right for the services PR agencies offer to the client and those are:

  1. Social Proof your effort: Show off your clients, put them up on your website as many times as possible. Show off your other clients to the one talking about your value and the results you have given them.


  1. Increase your price regularly: Based on Psychology research, if the price is quoted more, the client gets into a belief that we might be good at our jobs. Which we really are!!


  1. Put them into the right shoes: Get your clients in the right way, convince them in ways where your strengths are shown. Point out those where changes can be made and better brand image can be established for the client in the market.


  1. Beforehand payment: Request for upfront payment. Establish your terms in a way that a raise is a norm after a certain time period.


  1. If good needs to be rewarded, bad should be taken care too: Reward your clients if they pay before the given time period, i.e. earlier than the given date. Also, you should put a surcharge on delayed payments. Do not let them forget that PR agencies need to pay others too.


  1. Ask what they want: Communicate with your clients. It is important to know what’s their requirement and to know their expectation. Sometimes, clients require exactly what we don’t offer. To keep them as our life-long customers, we should work towards things that we are new too. Remember Hard Work Pays all.

About the author:

Sanjana Rao – She is a graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. She has worked with Humane Society International/India as Public & Media Relations Coordinator and has already proved herself to be an integral part of K2 Communications Pvt. Ltd.

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