Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Getting up, close, and personal

You could be a B2B organization looking to reach out to specified target group of prospective clients, or a B2C company aiming to generate new sales enquiries, keeping customers up-to-date with new products, services, and developments within the organisation.

Our informative and engaging email marketing strategies can help to generate a quick response, converting prospects into customers.Email campaigns are also a great way of sharing your PR and media initiatives with a wider audience but on a more personal note.

Our reporting systems can provide you with invaluable market intelligence like open rate, click-throughs , etc helping create warm leads that your business development team can pick up. There’s so much we can share about you, brand stories, customer interviews, case studies, life at your company and a lot more!

Services offered:

  1. Automated Email
  2. Configuration for Bulk Emailing
  3. CRM
  4. Lead Generation and Email list management
  5. Personalised email content creation
  6. Email Marketing Optimization

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